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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a client driven process designed to move the client forward. It is an extremely future oriented process which allows the client to reframe the realities of the present and to look into the future from a new perspective.

Master Leadership and Executive Coach and International Consultant David Cowan says "the future is full of promise, coaching is to help people fill themselves to achieve the promises of their future."






Why Coaching?

Now more than ever people are seeking to be coached for various reasons, all with the common need to share from their heart with a trusted individual who will listen to and dialogue with them in a manner and tone that is interesting, curious and embracing. 

Read the testimonials of former clients who share how coaching has significantly impacted their life and livelihoods.








The Benefits of Coaching:

  • helps answer questions

  • help with making decisions

  • encourages sharing from the heart

  • identifies what ignites and inspires

  • identifies strengthening or draining influences

  • allow moments to explore, think, reflect, imagine

  • upholds accountability, celebration and acknowledgement

  • brings about focus, meaning, balance, productivity and fulfillment






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