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Prior to coaching much of Kaylusís early career was spent in the hospitality and travel industries within The Bahamas and The United States of America, the healthcare industry and tertiary education on New Providence, The Bahamas. Titles held were human resources administrator, workplace trainer and developer, mid level healthcare manager, tertiary lecturer, tourism workshop coordinator and continuing education facilitator.

Kaylus Horton - Adams ACC


"Once you commit the universe will conspire to assist you" 

 author unknown

Circa 1998-1999 Kaylus envisioned herself as an entrepreneur facilitating engaging workshops and one-on-one sessions to help people get clear on what they wanted in and for their lives and to inspire them to transition toward doing and being who they saw themselves as.

Through her personal renaissance Kaylus transitioned from a Human Resource and Training executive to a solo-entrepreneur, and in September 2002 Renaissance Group of Companies was launched.

Dialogues, is the division that focuses on facilitating individual and group coaching sessions, workshop and retreats.

Writings for Life, is the up and coming published division which feature her writings on Appetizers For Life powered by Blogspot.com and the e-column Coaching For The Workplace hosted by TheBahamasWeekly.com. Presently, Kaylus is working toward publishing the first book in a series of coaching journals.  

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