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Client Testimonials

To uphold confidentiality by protecting the clients agenda and identity their comments were slightly moderated.

The comments below were made by teen and adult clients who experienced coaching either one on one, as apart of a specialty group or as coaching in the workplace.

The client outcomes were individually achieved by the clients  desire, work and faith with no set process or formula.

Client testimonials are not guarantees for future outcomes of new and potential clients.




  2011 Dialogues. All Rights Reserved. 

Read what our clients have said about their coaching experience:

The team coaching was very interactive and informative. I understand my colleagues preferred manner to assist and communicate.

Coaching helped me face the personal truths that I masked, ignored and buried for so long. Facing the truth has allowed me to purge, breathe and begin anew.  

Coaching helped me get clear about what I want to study in college and kind of career and livelihood I want. I feel clear about my future.

Coaching helped me visualize my ideal future. It was so energizing that I set goals to live the life I envisioned, two years later, I am well on my way and I am glad I made the switch. 

Kaylus helped me see my options. Many options, so much to choose from, realizing options made me feel like a VIP!

The group coaching session with my civic group challenged us to expand our goals and stretch our platform to reach others.

It's always good to define oneself or at least to think about it so that we know why it is we are doing the things we do. This was a good idea to stimulate creative individual thought.

The Paths of Life: Balance activity helped me to acknowledge and address that on the outside I seem to have it all but on the inside was void.

The self discovery activities were so valuable, they really helped me see clearly who I am, what I want and need, etc. I will act on what I learned. Thank you!

I really enjoyed your session!! Often times we do not think about the good we bring to the table.  Our lives impact others so exercises like this help us see ourselves in a positive light and in turn helps others.  Keep it up and your business will bloom!

Kaylus held me accountable. Just knowing that I had to give a report after completing a specific task made me buckle up and just do it! 

Coaching in the Workplace guided me as I evaluated the alignment between my personal vision and mission and my that of my employer. Very insightful.

The dialogues and self discovery activities confirmed that I lost touch with myself and allowed myself to live just going with the flow. Thank you for creating an opportunity for me to take a break and be reintroduced to me, my goals and dreams.  

Coaching helped me realize that in life there are some things and people that you simply just cannot change. I released the fairy-tale and got on with living my life.

I am organized. I came to coaching with what seemed like a hopeless agenda. There are ways out of this maze. Watch me transition.

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