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Coaching Retreat








Our welcome adults from near and far to our shores,  The 700 Islands of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas to experience an introspective coaching retreat based on one of the following formats:

  • one of our coaching program's or workshops that has been modified into a retreat format

  • an agenda customized specifically to meet the clients needs

The Coaching Retreat Agenda may be customized from a few hours, to a full day up to three days. The agenda may be spaced to allow for the desired amount of sharing, introspection, reflection, discovery, documentation  plus time to rest or explore the island, experience the culture, and tour heritage sites.

For their atmosphere, seclusion, natural beauty and tranquility we prefer as our Coaching Retreat Venue small boutique hotels, but we are not limited to them.

Our availability is sensitive to and centered around the best days for retreats, typically in the within the Bahamas those days are Wednesday thru to Friday evening or Saturday morning especially if air traveling to the Bahamas or to another island from New Providence is required. 


















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Let us help you re-create while you recreate

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Imagine yourselves in the picture below sitting in one of the lounge chairs,

you are in the Archipelagic Islands of The Bahamas,

there you are reflecting dialoging and reflecting on the

who, what, when and where of what you want in and for your ideal life.

What would that be like for you?